Software & Pricing

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We are also offering Accuracy Software with Project in Every Week .

Price : Rs. 30000/- each Software and Minimum Order Value Qnty. 10 (non-refundable) and the agreement will be made for 9 months.

Terms & Connditions.

Payout will be provided in every Project and payment will be made Weekly. All the Project Must be submit within 5days the project page Count 125 Pages each project. if the User unable to submit his project within given time period no payment will be generated for those id’s which is not submitted.

The Accuracy Should be above 50.1%
90.1%-100%Rs. 7500
80.1%-90%Rs. 5750
70.1%-80%Rs. 4000
60.1%-70%Rs.  2500
50.1%-60%Rs. 1000
Below 50.1%NILL

The User must be accept that dose not Influence the quality Reports or Accuracy Level or the any policy of the client Company . Both the parties agree to the company’s errors percentage policy as given below:-

Line missing / Extra LineEach line10% in Slot Accuracy
improper text alignmentEach page5% in Slot Accuracy
Spelling errorEach 3 error5% in Slot Accuracy
Extra line entersEach line enter2% in Slot Accuracy
Text missing / Extra TextEach word2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra entersEach 10 Enters2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra spateEach 10 Space2% in Slot Accuracy
Other line dataEach word2% in Slot Accuracy
Double spaceEach 5 Double Space2% in Slot Accuracy
Grammar errorEach three Errors2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra symbol/ Symbol missingEach three Symbols2% in Slot Accuracy